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Baylor Scott & White Premier Orthopaedics offers consultation for hip, knee, and shoulder pain. We offer comprehensive care for arthritis of the hip and knee.

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Total Knee Replacement

Dr. Scott Quinby treats patients who require a total knee replacement. A total knee replacement is performed to increase mobility, restore functionality and relieve pain. During this procedure,  Dr. Quinby will replace the damaged joint with a metal and plastic joint that will help restore the knee. The goal of a total knee replacement surgery is to replace the parts of the joint that have been damaged and to relieve pain that cannot be controlled by other treatments.

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Hip and Knee Revision

BSW Premier Orthopaedics specializes in hip and knee revision surgery to replace problematic joints from a previous replacement surgery. Most joint replacement surgeries are successful and last the lifetime of the patient. Occasionally, however, a prosthetic knee or hip joint may need to be replaced. This can be due to the joint loosening over time, infection, dislocation, or other patient-related factors.

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Shoulder Injuries

BSW​ Premier Orthopaedics offers patients advanced technologies in the diagnosis, management, and treatment of shoulder conditions and shoulder pain including shoulder reconstruction surgery.

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Arthritis is among the most frequent causes of hip and knee pain, and there are many treatments available. When the joint is injured or develops arthritis, joint replacement surgery may be recommended.

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Cartilage Restoration

​Exciting new advances in cartilage restoration offer new options for patients suffering from painful joint injures. Ask us if cartilage res​toration is an option for you.

Sports Medicine

​​Baylor Scott & White Premier Orthopaedics​ offers advanced evaluation, diagnos​is and treatment of sports injuries. Our goal is to get our patients back on the field and free fro​m pain as quickly and safely as possible.