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Hip and Knee Revision

Premier Orthopaedics Dallas specializes in hip and knee revision surgery to replace problematic joints from a previous replacement surgery. Most joint replacement surgeries are successful and last the lifetime of the patient. Occasionally, however, a prosthetic knee or hip joint may need to be replaced. This can be due to the joint loosening over time, infection, dislocation, or other patient-related factors. Additionally, most prosthetic joints last between 10 and 20 years. With younger, more active patients increasingly electing to undergo total joint surgery, the likelihood of a joint simply exceeding its intended lifespan is increased. Joint revision surgery is a complex undertaking that requires a high level of experience on the part of the surgeon and team, as well as specialized tools, and extensive preoperative planning. A patient who requires a hip or knee revision surgery might notice some of the following:



Trouble getting around

Decreased range in motion

Swelling in the area of the replaced joint.

In order for a joint revision surgery to take place, our physicians will need to assess the quality of the remaining bone. During the procedure, he will remove the prosthetic joint from the previous hip or knee replacement, reconstruct the remaining soft tissue and bone, then insert the new hip or knee prosthetic. As with all surgeries, there are certain risks involved and our staff will take all factors into account before performing the above procedure.