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Premier Ortho performs gluteal tendon repair to fix a damaged gluteus medius (tendon on the outside of the hip). The gluteal tendon repair procedure is performed to repair a tear of the gluteus medius that allows patients lateral movement of their leg. This procedure is often referred to as the “rotator cuff tear of the hip”. Traumatic injury or degenerative conditions can cause these tears. A gluteal tendon tear can cause significant pain in the back, buttocks, and hip while affecting hip function. Common symptoms of a gluteal tendon repair are pain in the hip, pain in the buttocks and trouble lifting the injured leg to the side. Our providers will evaluate each patient and order an MRI if necessary to determine if the gluteal tendon requires repair. Initial treatments include icing and medication. If the conservative treatments do not relieve pain, our physicians may suggest a gluteal tendon repair to fix the problem.

Our providers will examine each patient after surgery and recommend proper rehab. As with any surgery, recovery will take time and most patients experience a full recovery after completing their rehabilitation.